The Other Favorites
HMAC presents Youtube superstars The Other Favorites on Stage on Herr

The Other Favorites

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An intimate show with The Other Favorites, world-renowned folk /classic rock duo with over 355,000 rabid Youtube subscribers 80 million view

The Other Favorites is the long time duo project of Carson McKee and Josh Turner. Perhaps best known for their performances on YouTube, which have garnered millions of views. The Other Favorites are now based out of Brooklyn, NY. Together, Turner and McKee bring their shared influences of folk, bluegrass and classic rock into a modern framework; one distinguished by incisive songwriting, virtuoso guitar work and tight two-part harmony.

The Other Favorites, a world-renowned folk and classic rock duo with over 355,000 rabid youtube subscribers accumulating over 80 million views.

Venue Information:
HMAC Stage on Herr
1110 N. 3rd Street

Harrisburg, PA