Jimmie's Chicken Shack

717 Entertainment Presents Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Emily's Toybox, Medusa's Disco & more!

Jimmie's Chicken Shack

Emily's Toybox, Medusa's Disco, Split Pistols

Sat · March 9, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$20.00 - $25.00

Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
An American alternative rock band from Annapolis, Maryland formed in 1992.

Members as of last release:
Jimi Haha: Vocals, Guitar
Matt Jones (22): Guitar, Vocals
Christian Valjente: Bass, Vocals
Jerome Maffeo: Drums

Former members:
Casey Hean: Guitar
Derrick Dorsey: Bass
Kevin Murphy (14): Drums
Mike Sipple: Drums
Dave "Double D" Dowling: Guitar
Chè Colovita Lemon: Bass
Jimmy Chaney: Drums
Jimmy MCD: Guitar
Emily's Toybox
Emily's Toybox
Emily's ToyBox cannot (even remotely) be compared to any other independent band on the east coast. In addition to a genuinely unique and powerful stage presence, they have sold more CDs and merchandise during their career than any other independent band in the extended area. However, unlike other bands making similar "claims", this band actually has the tax and sales records to prove it.

Mike Wise, ETB's lead singer and chief songwriter, formed the group in 1997, conceiving it as a pre-fab project that would only be around long enough to pay off bills from his previous band. Formerly a 3-piece, ETB went on to an illustrious career, quickly working their way out of their day jobs, making rounds on the extended Mid-Atlantic circuits, venturing as far as Illinois, Vermont and Florida, playing a thick catalog of in-the-red originals. Hard work and dedication have never been lacking from the Emily’s ToyBox psyche.

In 2001, Emily's ToyBox underwent an evolution of sorts that morphed an already powerful regional act into something unbelievably bigger and better. As a four-piece band, Wise gained freedom to roam the stage and audience at will, inciting a kind of enthusiasm not far from mania that leaves the fans drenched, exhausted and always coming back for more.

"We're different," says Wise. "Many bands have said, 'Well, my band's different.' We're one of the few bands who really ARE different." "The four of us are naturally goofballs, but we honestly respect one another as musicians and people. We also don't 'try' to do or be anything other than ourselves. Our personality comes out onstage and in our songs."

Emily's ToyBox is of the rarest breed, continually breaking new ground as an entrepreneurial entity on the independent music scene. With undeniable originality, talent and work ethic, there are no limits to what they will create and accomplish in years to come.
Medusa's Disco
Medusa's Disco
Medusa's Disco is a very peculiar, high energy, psychedelic rock band from Lancaster,
Pennsylvania that has been captivating audiences for 5 years. Within this time,
the band has released three full length albums and two EPs. They have
performed at multiple music festivals across the east coast and toured across the
United States, all while leaving deep and memorable impressions in their wake. Essentially, The band is crossing over to the underworld with Rock n’ Roll. Fusing together elements of psychedelic, surf, stoner, indie, progressive, punk rock and even some jazz nuances, Medusa's Disco merges classic and newer rock influences; everything from Led Zeppelin to Primus to Queens of the Stone Age.
Their live performances are a spectacle for the eyes
and ears. In the forefront are the twin lead guitars and vocals of Hunter Root
and Wynton Huddle, whose harmonies have an almost enchanting quality that harkens
back to the likes of Alice in Chains and Led Zeppelin. Wynton is known for his
onstage antics which can include everything from donning lipstick and devil
horns to entering the crowd and rolling around on the turf while belting lyrics
upward to the faces of the audience members around him. Hunter’s approach is
more subtle, but no less intense, as he whips his hair about and flails his
body in time with the music he creates. The rhythm section is at full force with Anthony Procopio on Bass and Alex Aument on drums, passionately pounding out every note. The Medusa boys are expecting a new album with their current set up soon (Spring 2019).
Venue Information:
The Capitol Room
1110 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102